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Sunday, February 6, 2011


The 'Flagship theme' by Global Torch Themes 
This theme is absolutely gorgeous by itself but, it is also specifically built to support all your favorite 3rd party Blackberry apps. ie: BerryWeather/other weather apps, QuickLaunch/SuperLaunch, Font collection...and others. Looks great with BeryyBuzz LED notifications too because of its electric eye-catching colors. Besides, being supportive of apps, it provides you access to almost every area of your OS right from the homescreen. It boasts of a 4 icon user customizable dock, along with two preset hidden docks to grant quick access to some frequently used Blackberry Apps, also featuring 9 other hotspots.

*Dedicated homescreen slots for:
-Application Menu
-Video Recorder
-Setup....and more

*Active landscape mode with a today area for 3 Unread Message & 5 Calendar entries
*Smooth strategic transitions
*Super Glossy-Black iStyle icon set
*Custom Backgrounds on all screens
*Customized Calling screens and Lock screen
*New Fonts, Menu Colors, Highlights, Alert icons and Pop-up buttons
*Custom Percentage display battery meter
*Custom signal meter
*Custom Hourglass
*Attention to minor details, that other themes may ignore
*Perfectly complements the aesthetics of the BB Torch 9800
*Optimized to avoid screen lags and excessive battery consumption.
*Please re-boot (battery-pull) your device after the theme is successfully installed.