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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Htc elements on the OS6 UI 
This theme is by and for hardcore Blackberry users who like the look and certain elements of the HTC design, but are not willing to sacrifice the most loved OS6 UI.

It works as fast as your stock-theme along with the sliding and swiping menus sans  the TB6 beta bugs and glitches

This is a beautiful and elegant theme that you will enjoy using on your Torch everyday! Everything that can be skinned has been skinned!

    * OS6 UI theme
    * Wallpaper Friendly

    * Custom HTC Style icon set
    * Large clock with clockpad on banner    
    * Custom backgrounds on all screens
    * New fonts, menu colors, highlights, alert icons and pop-up buttons
    * Customized calling screens and lock screen
    * 3D Titles and Group Box
    * Custom Battery Meter
    * Custom Signal Meter
    * Attention to minor details, that other themes may ignore
    * Perfectly complements the aesthetics of the BB Torch 9800
    * Optimized to avoid screen lags and excessive battery consumption
    * Please re-boot (battery-pull) your device after the theme is successfully installed


Some more Screenshots

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