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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This professional and exceptionally attractive theme is by and for hardcore Blackberry users, a must have theme for your BlackBerry®. It works as fast as your stock-theme along with the sliding and swiping menus sans the TB6 beta bugs and glitches.
* OS6 UI theme
* Wallpaper Friendly
* Custom icon set
* Custom clock with multilevel display
* Custom backgrounds on all screens
* New fonts, menu colors, highlights, alert icons and pop-up buttons
* Customized calling screens and lock screen
* 3D Titles and Group Box
* Custom Battery Meter
* Custom Signal Meter
* Attention to minor details, that other themes may ignore
* Perfectly complements the aesthetics of the BB Torch 9800
* Optimized to avoid screen lags and excessive battery consumption
* Please re-boot (battery-pull) your device after the theme is successfully installed

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